Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Reflections on Soliya

I found the first Soliya session to be fun and interesting, we weren't a lot in the session, we were about five or six during the session, and some people would come a long and leave, they weren't stable. I was always participating, and talking with the others, so that the session wouldn't seem boring and awkward, the facilitator tries as much as he can to keep us all connected with each other, bu talking to all of us and asking questions he was basically creating conversations. The activity that we did I during the first session was the same as the activity we did in our first class, so I found it very easy, I actually liked it as it was a fun way to introduce everyone together and so that we could all get to know each other much better. There were some similarities within our characteristics and aspects of our life, like a lot of us like to play football (most of them said soccer). I honestly didn't think that there was a huge culture gap between us as we communicate well, however tha main problem was other people's connection, there were only like 3 fixed people who didn't leave the others would just disappear then come back, and there were some which had problems with there headphones and caused interference, so it annoyed all of us, due to the horrible sound.

Overall I believe that the first session was a good one, however I would have liked to see more people as we weren't a lot, so that I could explore more cultures.

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