Sunday, 3 December 2017

Soliya Final Project

Pollution and Environmental Degradation in Egypt

            Egypt is an amazing country with a lot of beautiful sites and prestigious monuments, which shows the depth of it’s culture and history, however there is one matter which affects all of the above, and it’s pollution. Egypt is a highly populated country and there a lot of illiterate, ignorant and lazy people, which don’t really care whether pollution would affect their environment and their community. It’s become something normal to throw in the streets or in the river nile, some people don’t really understand how much they are damaging their country, also some people don’t have the patience to wait and throw their rubbish in it’s designated area. There are many types of pollution, there is air pollution, noise pollution, land pollution, water pollution and more, all of these types would aid in destroying any country and spreading diseases either in the air or in the water. Pollution could also cause environmental degradation, which means and undesirable change in the environment, this could lead to damaging soil, the depletion of water and air, also it could lead lead to destruction of wildlife and ecosystems. I chose this topic as pollution has always been a huge thing in Egypt, and I can’t see any change, and I can see an increase in pollution and it’s causing a lot of problems, it’s spreading diseases and it’s destroying beautiful places, and it’s damaging Egypt’s water source. I also want to send a message to the ignorant people who are the cause of this whether they are individuals, organisations or the government.

            After many discussions and research within this topic I have found and understood how dangerous this matter is to the country and the individuals living in it. One of the main types of pollution in Egypt is air pollution, and it’s caused because the huge numbers of cars in Egypt and because of the traffic in big cities like cairo, another cause is from the air-waste from factories and from the industrial sector. In an article by Dr Hassanein, he explained that the air quality in Egypt is more than 10-100 times of the acceptable world standards. This could cause many diseases like cancer, as the air pollutants in Egypt of a high percentage are hydrocarbons and lead, and they are considered as carcinogens. Water pollution has also been a huge problem for many decades in Egypt. People just throw their rubbish in the river, which leads to the water becoming contaminated and some people can’t even drink clean water. Also there are many leakage problems all around Egypt, in which sewage would infiltrate and contaminate the water. In a study assessing the rising groundwater levels in Aswan, one of the causes of the groundwater rising was the leakage from sewers. This leakage could come from sewage networks, which would lead to the increase in microorganism and algae in the water and “they are causing bad environmental impact on building and human health. In addition of directly environmental effect on building and human health of pollutants water of microorganism, the probability of pollutants water to seeps to the drinking fresh water pipes network increase” (Selim, Hamdan and Abdel Rady).

            When I talked with my peers I was able to get an idea of whether they have pollution or not and the extent of the pollution they would have. After listening to them i understood that almost every country would have some type of pollution, however they would react to it differently, some government take it seriously and are working very hard in solving this problem they are cleaning many areas, they are recycling their leftovers, and there are very strict laws when it comes to pollution. In Egypt there are also very good environmental laws, however the problems is with monitoring these laws ( Dr Hassanein).

I have given some examples of how pollution is negatively impacting Egypt, this doesn’t mean that aren’t ways in which we could prevent them or improve the current situation. One recommendation is that individuals take care of their vehicles, they they would regularly check and maintain their cars/vehicles, as if they are not working properly their exhausts would release poisonous and toxic gases into the atmosphere, which would spread diseases and negatively impact the air quality. Also there should be very strong penalties and regulation towards the industrial sectors, as their wastes, whether in the air, land or water are very dangerous, as there are a lot of dangerous compounds which could be fatal, so I believe that the government should intervene and stop theses wastes from leaving factories. The government has the largest role in trying to reduce and stop pollution, they should make the people aware of the danger of their actions, there many ways like direct marketing, which is a very effective way. They should also improve their monitoring section, so that people who brake the environmental laws should be legally dealt with, they would either pay a penalty, do community service, or even serve time in prison so that they would really learn of they are dragging their country backwards.   


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