Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Exploration of Self: Biases and Political Views

Binna Kandola's Video:

I found this video as very interesting, as I really like the topic concerning bias. Personally I try as much as I can not be a biased person as it might hurt someone, but living in this society especially the Egyptian society it's hard to do so, as we always to make fun of everything and we are very biased, I see that everyday with my friends, some people might joke about something, however this represents their true personality. Kandola addressed different things like how bias can be imposed, I didn't really agree with that point as, when he talked about the image with the dog, i didn't see a dog either before or after he stated that there is a dog, which means that imposing isn't a huge example of bias, however i believed that all of the other points where very interesting and valid, I found the guy very informative and fun.

IAT Tests:

The first that I did was the race test, personally I’m neutral when it comes to race, I don’t really care if someone is black or white, however the result was that I have a slight preference for white people more than black, I was surprised as I know that I don’t prefer a race, this makes me feel a bit racist when i’m not and I hate racism.

The second test was the religion test, and it turned out that i moderately prefer islam than judaism, which is true being that i’m muslim, but that doesn’t mean that I have anything against jews.

The last test was the gender- science test, honestly before taking the test I knew what my result would be, and that was that i believe that there is a strong link between males and sciences and females and liberal arts, maybe that’s because of what I see everyday in the university, that my engineering classes have mostly males and probably because of the society that I grew up. I believe that there shouldn’t be a link however that’s just the world we live in.

Political Views:  

Personally I don’t really understand a lot of the political language, like right, left, socialism, libertarian, etc. I kind of have a basic understanding, I would consider myself of being neutral, as I do care for the poor and less fortunate and on the other hand the economy is important too. I have basic knowledge when it comes to world wide politics and economics, my results show that I am more economically left wing and the socially libertarian, however the correlation is very low, which kind of confirms my prediction that I am neutral.

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